FunGP - Functional Genomics and Proteostasis

The main goal of the Functional Genomics and Proteostasis Group is to to understand human diseases and achieve drug discovery using functional genomics and systems approaches along with molecular and cell biology approaches.

MargaridaAmaralFunG&P is organized into five research labs, each headed by a PI. Each team explores independent scientific aims but with common interests and contributing to 3 out of the 4 major thematic lines of BioISI. Three of the groups have an international reputation in the frontline research of the competitive field of the monogenic disease Cystic Fibrosis, while the remaining two are leaders in signal transduction in cancer and pharmaco-resistance in malaria. The group also includes two Visiting Professors with double-affiliation to non-Portuguese institutions.

The major research topics of the Fun-GP group are focused on molecular and systems biology of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), cancer and malaria; studies of membrane proteins associated with human diseases;  pharmacogenomics and drug development; biomarker identification; biodevices for point-of care medicine, diagnosis and prognosis.

Specific lines of interest include: 1) novel cellular epithelial models for CF studies; 2) molecular and cellular mechanisms of quality control of the endoplasmic reticulum and secretory traffic of the CFTR protein; 3) characterization of signal transduction pathways influencing oncogenic reprogramming of epithelial cells; 4) influence of host-pathogen genomes on the efficacy of drugs with a strong interest in drug transporter proteins; 5) identification of drug targets and drug screens target screens in cancer and chronic diseases

FUN-GP members are mainly associated with BioISI's thematic line of Biomedicine but cooperative projects are being developed for integrative research within the thematic lines of Biological Physics (for biodevice development) and Bioinformatics & Modelling.


Group Leader: Margarida D. Amaral FunGP

Members of the Research Group:
Carlos Farinha
Paulo Matos
Anabela Santo Ramalho Venâncio
Luka Alexander Clarke
Ana Sofia Monteiro Mendes Cachaço
Hugo Miguel Raposo Correia Botelho
Simão Filipe Cunha da Luz
Susana Cristina Moura da Igreja
Ines Pankonien
Maria da Conceição Machado Sangreman Proença

Karl Kunzelmann (visiting Professor)
Teresa Maria Dos Santos Pereira (visiting Professor)
José Pedro Planco Panadés Gil (visiting Professor)
Pedro Eduardo Mendes Ferreira (visiting Pesearcher)



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