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BioISI is a new institute, merging 3 research centres (BioFIG, CFMC, LabMAg) officially created in January 2015 to understand and address biological questions using integrative -Systems- approaches at the forefront of life sciences research at both national and international scales. 

By gathering scientists from bio-, physics and computational sciences, BioISI benefits from a unique multidisciplinary environment which (together with its core-facilities) is offered to its researchers and advanced students. This fosters creative thinking to solve problems through integrative approaches.

Name of the Research Unit: Biosystems & Integrative Sciences Institute                                                                 

Unit Acronym:                          BioISI

Scientific Director:                  Margarida D. Amaral

Scientific Areas:  Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Research; Life and Health Sciences; Biomedicine; Exact Sciences & Engineering; Physics; Natural Science & Environment; Bio-based Product Technology or Food Sciences

Profile of the Research Unit

-    Basic Research:          75%

-    Applied research:     25%

Keywords:  Molecular Systems Biology; Integrative Sciences; Agent and Systems Modelling; Biological Physics

Total Funding:  3 499 766 € (583 294 €/yr)

FCT Evaluation (2014): 24/25 - Excellent